The following article was taken from Durian Rider.

They call our marshmellow bellied friend ‘Fats Avocado’.

‘Why is he so fat after 17 years as the ‘raw food authority? and how come he cant even run around the block at pace?’ Hey, you ever seen a pear run? ;) Anyways, I get this question a LOT. Especially from my Australian friends that go see David. They say ‘the dude is easy to listen as he is funny but he is FAT. He sounds like a fat car salesman giving a 3hr infomercial that we paid for! lol!’.

David Wolfe says organic bananas are bad but he smokes tobacco and says ‘its healthy and actually prevents lung cancer!’. David Wolfe says his written goal is to live to be 3000years old. Hey, Im not making anything up. Go look it up. Eating a diet based organic fruits and vegetables is ‘extreme nazism’ and smoking tobacco and expecting to live to 3000 years of age is ‘normal’. OK. I can dig it.

So no hatred towards David Wolfe even though he IS trying to sue me thru the Supreme Court of San Diego. You know me, I dont take it personally, I just make more youtube vids. ;)

I mean David Wolfe talks all this spiritual wu wu BS about love and non judgment and just being tolerant of others and then he trys to drag a fellow raw food speaker thru the Governmental Legal system that he knocks so much. How do you say Vitamin H? H for hypocrisy?


Shilling scientifically-blind sheeple with overpriced 'superfoods' to fill your wallet with cash, goddamnit, David!

Me, I dont pretend to be non judgmental or give people fake smiles and hugs. Im honest and people respect me for that. I say what needs to be said vs what sells ignorant people more crap they DONT need. You wont see me putting MDMA in some chicks cacao drink, punching someone out or suing a raw food speaker. Thats not my style.

David Wolfe says ‘fruit makes you fat and wont let you live an active lifestyle’. I dont know if David Wolfe is familiar with Doug Graham? Oh thats right ‘Doug Graham is a hologram from the banana industry!!’. LMFAO!!

What do you have to say for yourself David Wolfe? You ‘dont know’?