Pokemon (or any video game) does NOT promote you to think fiction is reality! This is an imaginary vision by the boy's mother somewhere on some abandoned website...

Quote taken from RationalWiki Article "Pokemon":

"Some Christian fundamentalists have stirred up a Satanic panic claiming the series promotes witchcraft, occultry, and claims of blasphemy. In particular, they've latched onto the fact that the franchise features Pokémon "evolution," concluding that the series promotes the theory of evolution despite the fact that the concept of "evolution" in Pokémon is completely different from the actual theory and more closely resembles stages the normal growth of an organism — most notably insect metamorphosis (the creator of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri, had a fondness of insects when he was a kid and collected them as a hobby; the aspect of catching wild Pokémon in the games was intended to allow people in more urbanized areas to have what is essentially a virtual version of his hobby). Despite such moral panics, the Vatican find Pokémon to be highly acceptable,although the existence of Lord Helix may temper that in the future."