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Hey you! Buy the Nutribullet 3000 today for just $80! It'll whirl your way to a thinner body... and a slimmer wallet!

David 'Avocado' Wolfe is a professional troll who 'specializes' in superfoods, raw food woo, reflexology, and undoubtedly advertising his products on InfoWars.

Avocado believes himself to be the ultimate 'rockstar' and 'Indiana Jones' of the quacked-up medicine and superfood kingdom, but in reality, he's a snake oil salesperson who has lied to uneducated sick people about nutrition and how our bodies process food in order to sell his products.

~"This is hilarious. You may have seen David Wolfe, the raw food guru who promotes the Nutri-Bullet. The Nutri-Bullet is a machine that makes smoothies. His TV infomercials are aired round-the-clock. Wolfe claims that "chocolate is an octave of the sun." 

What the hell does that mean???? 

I really have nothing against the guy. In his defense, he promotes a healthy lifestyle through nutrition. He's a modern-day Jack Lalanne. 
Selling and marketing is as old as recorded history. He's riding a wave and cashing in. Welcome to America. Buyer beware. 

I do feel a bit sorry for his disciples, who apparently follow him in cult-like fashion. Skeptics and "haters" leave some really funny comments on his YouTube videos. Here's a good one: 

People like this dumb f*** David Wolfe are the reasons I can't get my mom on a vegan diet. She just assumes all vegans are babbling idiots like this retard and think their reasons for being vegan is just that they're hippies."~ some creepy conspiracy site