This is part 1 of FBAMSTDT! Stay tuned for another one coming soon!

On Vani's Facebook page, the fisrt thing that caught my eye was an article titled "Hospital Introduces Organic Food and Uses it to Treat Patients"

~"Paul Davies Our forefathers knew the absolutely blindingly obvious truth that "you are what you eat". If you eat days and often weeks-old food ridden with pesticides, chemical flavour enhancers and chemical preservatives do not be surprised if you get some weird syndrome or cancer. If you then treat that illness by ingesting another petrochemical based drug don't be surprised if you are heading out of this existence.

Eat what Mother Nature intended to you to eat and you will reverse your ailments. However, doing it these days isn't easy. I mean there is very little in the supermarket which is actually edible based on this test. You have to go out and find good organic local sources for ALL of your food."~

Weird syndrome or cancer. 'Actually edible based on this test'. ALL of your food?! Seriously? There is so much woo and right-wing-nuttiness going on here, it's a pain in the ass to wrap your head around it.

~"Lorrett V Coll HI Food Babe, Can you please tell me if all of the fruits and vegetables in the Produce Junctions are GMO??"~

Seriously, again? Most fruits and vegetables are NOT genetically altered on the market! Only a small handfull have their genes ironed (pun intended) by what Vani calls 'paid shillies for Monsanto'. To even fathom this thought is rather a paranoid idea...