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<time>March 16, 2015</time>As a person with multiple food allergies caused by an actual medical condition, telling people to pretend to be allergic to certain foods is dangerous and reprehensible advice. When a multitude of people claim to be allergic to something, waiters stop taking it seriously, and put people like me, again, with REAL ALLERGIES, at risk of illness or death. I shouldn’t have to say “By the way, I’m actually allergic to these foods and they will kill me, I’m not just lying about it” to feel safe in a restaurant. Ridiculous advice. You should be ashamed."~ a comment on

Mrs-T 4 chees

Pass on those Ms'.T's 4 chees pirogis! drowned with butter, you asshole!

heres what foodbabe said!

~"4. Go as far as telling the server you allergic to butter and dairy, soy and corn. Butter really isn’t bad for you if it is organic and you use it in moderation – but restaurants can go crazy with it adding several hundred extra calories you can live without. Instead the chef can use olive oil to grill vegetables or fish. Soy and corn oil are the cheapest oils available so many restaurants use them. These cheap oils contain an overdose of Omega 6 fatty acids in your body and are probably not organic and have been genetically modified. When you have too much Omega 6 fatty acids and not enough Omega 3, your body goes out of wack, which is why the typical American is Omega 3 deficient and why you see everything being supplemented with Omega 3 now. Americans are getting too many corn products throwing off the balance!"~

WTF vani? seriously?! oliveoil has lots of calories too, am not eating pasta or potato cheese dumplings without drowning in butter or Ragu Alfredo Sauce!!

to many corn products? corn comes with butter vani!! and mre GMO crap lol