Oh dear god. Where do I begin in this article?


Food Babe's nuttiness in a nutshell. Here, she rants about burger buns containing 'bad' ingredients, like HFCS and the 'dreaded' azo chemical.

Oh! It's another article about you, Vani, because you never stop your greedy and fear-selling 'hobby'.

We all know that you lie about food allergens and get away with it. Sometimes, Vani, you base your ingredient-pronunciation skills on an 8 year old to scare your followers into thinking the food they're eating is toxic as the plague.

But you're proud to swipe those hard-earned bills off your 'army's' hands and claim that you've earned it for 'being a good girl'. You think you're the Batman or Indiana Jones of the health industry...

Except, you are not!

The Ballad of Azodicarbonamide Edit