Valentines Fearmongering

She's straught back again at Starbucks today about a perfectly-innocuous Valentine's Day Molten Chocolate Frappucino! She batters a home run of fear at certain ingredients she finds 'heart-breaking', like carageenan and natural flavors, even taking the top heights of scare-tactics by allegedly claiming vanillin to 'be derived from petrochemicals and paper industry waste' to hilariously irrelevant GMO origins in what she calls "Monsanto Milk" used in this tasty latte.

For Vani herself, this food-woo meme she posted on her Facebook account on Valentine's Day in 2016 sheds a tint of light for stopping Starbucks and their, um... "Monsanto Milk". I think Vani is striking back at Starbucks for the second time, because when Vani held a campaign on for Starbucks to use only organic milk in their lattes, Starbucks (thankfully) refused to do so, as it would make their lattes no healthier and would overly raise the price for a decent drink. Yes, Starbuck's lattes will always be full of sugar, as we know it...

When Vani posted this food-woo meme on facebook, there was no article about this frappucino at all! You heard that right, sippers! She only posted a picture of the frappucino... Damn, I guess Vani took such a break on Feb 14, 2016, she was too busy makin' her infamous Almond Butter Brownies!